1. Introduce a Loyalty Program

Customers need to feel important. There is no better way than to implement a Loyalty Program that rightfully incentivises your loyal customers. There are many strategies for executing loyalty programs. With modern technology introducing and running a loyalty program is not difficult. Providing points for each purchase and then encouraging to buy the most high priced items is the best way to keep your customers attracted.

2. Know your key performance indicators of the golf course.

Your KPI’s show a window into how your course is performing and which aspects do you need to focus on.

Some of the KPI’s you should look out for:

a) Occupancy percentage

OCC%= All rounds played/ All Available rounds

b) Revenue per available round

RPA= All Round related revenue/ Capacity

c) All Revenue through GF, Cart & Caddy Fee/ All Rounds Played

3. Real Time Online Booking System

Having a online booking system in todays day is inevitable. Not only does it make the job of the Operations staff more organised, but also provides a seamless experience to the members & guests. By booking preferential time as per availability, it helps golfers to keep time check and helps in managing play time. Online booking encourages data collection and data is the king for any business.

Having an online systems allows the golf course to run promotions during low time and give attractive deals, which can be viewed by all the golfers on the convenience of their phone or computers. This also helps in pushing pro shop & restaurant sales.

4. Know your Clients

Golf course are crowded by some the most influential individuals. These can be business owners or major position holders in the Corporate world. Having a dedicated resource to build a relationship with every individual member can benefit the course in many ways.

From tournaments to on course branding, social gathering and small parties, a course can capitalise on the network that the golfers have to offer.

5. Increase your revenue by Dynamic Slot Pricing

Every slot available on the tee sheet has a expiry date and the value hence of each slot is different depending on the time of the day. Most courses do not capture the full value of each slot.

Having a dynamic pricing ensures that a customer is paying the optimal price of the slot, whether it is the least desirable of the day. Introducing separate pricing structure for the prime time vs low time will give wide opportunity for the non performing slos. Twilight tee times is a great example for such structuring.

6. Third Party Distribution

Some courses work solely on third party vs some are totally against it. But introducing a third party distribution system for your course might be the best decision you have taken. This creates an opportunity to move your low selling tee times and guarantees revenue for you course. To determine whether distribution is worth it, you can conduct an analysis of ROI to understand whether you are getting a fair deal out of the distribution partner.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Profit from the bookings?

  2. How much are you giving away ?

  3. Are you successful at bring the new customers back?

  4. If they come back, are they using your booking system?

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